It's Easy.

We Take Your Great Ideas

And Your Instruction

And Make Interesting, Animated PowerPoints, Movies, and Colorful Written Class Materials for You.

- Yes, Affordably and with Ease.

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Our Certified Medical Transcriptionist and Educator made this short and fun 50-second film to show you just a few things we can do!

We start at $25 per hour or less (and work fast!) and provide:

  • Editing in Word (English) - Elementary to PhD 

  • Adobe Premier Pro Movies 

  • Instructional Design

  • PowerPoints (with added animations)

  • At Cost Color Printing and delivery of your materials

  • .....and much more

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Go from the "old" 
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Every great educator knows that children and adults have different learning styles.

Our units are built based on VARK principles (Visual, Auditory, Read / Write, and Kinesthetic) and carefully constructed for your audience with your input. the "new" just like that!  Our team is patient and helpful. Don't be afraid to contact us!
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If you have ideas you'd like to discuss, contact us through the tab at the top right, or send an email here: