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Material Development by education professionals

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Students and Teacher in Classroom

We are educators building affordable, exciting custom educator modules  & animated movies -

using your materials.

We understand your needs.

Materials for your Online or

In-Class Use -

Elementary through PhD University Levels!

On the Computer

We Also Do Tutoring!

Hiring Tutors Now!

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Don't be Afraid to Ask Our Instructional Design Experts!

We Also Do Online Classes!

   Are your materials             engaging? 

    Need to get online?

We Make Educators'  


Come Alive!  


(For Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic Friendly Materials)


Need Tutoring?

Want to Be a Tutor?


Instructional Design

We excel in converting teaching materials into exciting and affordable education modules.  We can also help you create animated custom movies and PowerPoints to use in your live classes.


Online Courses Coming

We are currently developing online courses for elementary, secondary, and University classes.  Tell us what You need!



We have online Tutors ready and waiting.  We also need more online tutors to work with us, and we pay above average wages!


I want to extend my sincerest thanks to you for helping me out with creating a teaching video for my CHEM 1112 course. The experiment video you created was phenomenal.


 The video was used for all 4 sections of CHEM 1112, taught by 2 other instructors, and I am forwarding the other professors' remarks to you as well. I appreciate your flexibility in meeting with me for so many zoom meetings, and working over the weekends as well. 


It was a pleasure working with you, hope to see you on campus sometime and meet you in person.


Best regards, 


Monica K - University of Houston Clear Lake

Dr.  Monica K. - University in Houston

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